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for Merton


"Move over Amsterdam, the London cycling revolution is in top gear" - London Evening Standard, 24th June 2013

Latest statistics show that "one in four road users during the morning rush hour is a cyclist", according to the London Evening Standard. For some roads, up to "64 per cent of vehicles... in the morning peak are bikes".

With this incredible rise in cycling in London over the past few years, it's important now more than ever that we fight for safer streets for these cyclists, and also thereby encourage even more people to take up this much better form of commuting!



Rod King, Founder and Campaign Director of 20's Plenty for Us, is awarded MBE for Services to Road Safety in Queens' Birthday Honours - 15th June 2013

Rod said of the honour: "It really is “Time for 20” and this honour is very gratefully received. Perhaps most of all it signifies that 20’s Plenty for Us is much more than a campaign for change, but is a movement towards a more civilised way of sharing our streets."




"London could see 20mph speed limit on nearly all residential streets by 2020" - London Evening Standard, 7th June 2013

After having witnessed increasing public support for the 20mph speed limit across London, the Deputy Mayor for Transport, Isabel Dedring, has announced that this reduced limit "could be realistic by 2020" and that the policy will feature in the Roads Taskforce published this month.

This is certainly a step in the right direction - however, since no guarantees have been made to implement the policy, we will continue to campaign to ensure a promise that our streets will be made safer, and sooner than 2020. Why wait? We need our streets to be safe now.




The 20mph speed urban limit has been launched as a European Citizen's Initiative, and we need your support! - November 2012

The UK branch of the pan-European campaign '20's Plenty for Us' must collect 54,750 signatures by November 2013 for the European Commission to seriously consider the initiative. The proposal is for 20mph/30kmh speed limits to become the norm for all urban and residential roads across Europe.

Please help us to make safe, liveable roads a reality by signing the petition now - just visit the webpage at http://en.30kmh.eu/



Come and sign the petition!

Saturday 17th November 11am-12pm: Morden (near the Tube station)

Saturday 24th November 11am-12pm: Wimbledon Centre Court



Launch of 20s Plenty for Merton Campaign

17th October, Raynes Park


Thank you to everyone who attended the successful launch meeting - it was great to get such positive feedback and support for the campaign.


Our special thanks goes out to our inspirational speakers on the evening:

• Norman Baker MP, Transport Minister

• Revd Andrew Wakefield, Chair of Merton Partnership Transport

Working Group

• Rod King, Leading the National Campaign “20’s Plenty for Us”


We are now in process of galvanising our strategy and engaging with local groups to increase awareness and support, with the ultimate aim of proposing a motion to the council for a 20mph limit on all residential roads in the Merton borough.


Our best tool is electorate pressure - if we can demonstrate, by way of petition, that our proposal is supported by a significant number of the local electorate, the motion has a greater chance of success - so please help us in any way you can and spread the word, and sign our petition online!